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1040 servers
t! prefix
owned by Telk#4038
a Discord bot equipped with a features to help guilds that speak more than 1 language


a Simple Translate Bot for all your needs

Command List:

  • t!help - Send this message
  • t!ping - pings the client
  • t!info - sends the translate's information
  • t!auto-translate on/off - turns on auto translate(If a message is not the default lang it will send the default lang message)
  • t!translate [sentence] or t!translate [language] [sentence] - Translates your message to the default lang
  • t!invite - sends the invite link for Translate
  • t!set-setting - set-setting list for the setting list
  • t!settings - sends the settings that are set on translate
  • t!set-lang [default lang] - sets the server/guild default lang

For Other langs do: t! [lang name] [sentence] or t!translate [lang name] [sentence]

If you react a message with a flag it will translate it to the flag language(only for some flags now soon will be most of the langs) this function is disabled in DBL due it can get spammy